Hawk breakfast

As I drove to the gym this morning the sun was just starting to come up. When stopped at a stoplight I saw a hawk sitting on top of a light standard eating his breakfast. It looked small- a small bird, a mouse? Three women were running smack down the middle of the road, in the dark. ‘Idiots’, I thought. But then I’ve never been a runner. Maybe it does weird things to your brain, like how mice are genetically predisposed to have a fatal attraction to cats. Or maybe they just had a simple death wish. This morning a story about a 4-year-old child killed by a hit-and-run driver, maybe they think age makes them invulnerable. What else- oh yes, the woman in the car next to mine was putting on her makeup. At the store, where I went to lay in supplies for a soup for the weekend so I can stay in and work, people were quiet and friendly. The cool air is here and I put the comforter on the bed last night. One of my favorite things is sleeping with the cold air coming in through the window while I’m all warm under that cover. Now to read, write, drink tea.

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