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Local news

The kites whose nest is in the sycamore one street over are raising young now. We see them flying back to the nest with food frequently, many trips in a day. The hummingbirds have been sipping nectar from the cardinal flowers, … Continue reading

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Another credit to our town- the St. Louis Symphony. Dennis and I went to the symphony on Saturday night, compliments of a friend who could not use her tickets and has marvelous seats, front row, loge, where we could see … Continue reading

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Frosty meditation

There is a fierce wind from the northwest this morning and the temperature is dropping fast- will be below zero tonight. So I elected to stay cozy at home instead of heading out early, eat some warm gruel (Malt-o-Meal), read … Continue reading

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Winter Walk and Old Lyin’ Jon

There’ll be no picture of today’s full moon- clouds and cold have moved in. We walked in the wind at the arboretum today as the temperature fell from 40 to 23. I like winter, but know it is a luxury to be … Continue reading

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Donna Summer Memory

This morning at the gym Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” played on my ipod and here came a flood of memories- I remembered playing that album when it was new, listening to it in the little efficiency apartment I rented over … Continue reading

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Hoot owls

I went to my room last night to check the Cardinals score before going to bed and heard an owl close by. In the tree right next to our house, right next to my room. The soft mutterings of a duet- … Continue reading

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I heard a priest speak this morning about his experiences in Bolivia when he was stationed in Mocomoco after the revolution of 1952. He was arrested by the military after his parishioners complained that he supported the indigenous indians and … Continue reading

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May full moon, 2 days late

My full moon photo is 2 days late this month due to the lovely rains we’ve been having, which have brought with them cooler temperatures, a welcome change from the already-summer-like 80s and 90s of last week. This was taken … Continue reading

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Full Moon, February 14, 2014 (or some things disappear and some things come back around)

It’s been a helluva week- The tenuousness of my research position became manifest yesterday when our department chair told me he’d have to issue a termination letter if I don’t find more funding (to be fair, I knew this was … Continue reading

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On Seeing Alvin

This morning I picked up the Bible to read something before my meditation- I’m not a religious sort but I do read the Bible now and then, and was recently disappointed when, on a trip, my hotel room lacked a … Continue reading

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