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The kites whose nest is in the sycamore one┬ástreet over are raising young now. We see them flying back to the nest with food frequently, many trips in a day. The hummingbirds have been sipping nectar from the cardinal flowers, … Continue reading

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Hooky day #2

Today was hooky day #2 with Liz. We went to the sculpture park/woods.                         And to top it off, on the way home I saw these guys (2 of … Continue reading

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The Cardinals won last night against the Brewers, and it was a fun game to watch. They won today, too. We went to walk in the park this morning. The cup plants (Silphiom perfoliatum) by the river are all very … Continue reading

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Still blissfully cool for August in St. Louis. As I sat on the back steps this afternoon I saw a hummingbird come drink nectar from the cardinal flower we planted in the spring. I wasn’t quick enough to get his … Continue reading

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Moon and Shakespeare and Glorious June

I missed the full moon on Friday (the 13th, no less, with Mercury in retrograde someone told me, and other things astrological) so here it is, 2 days late, this morning, behind the sycamore tree. The weather has been glorious … Continue reading

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Turtles, fish hawk, and sparrow song

On a walk just now I watched an osprey circling and gliding over Jefferson Lake, hunting for a fish; he spied one, folded his wings, and down he went into the water. Came out with a good-size fish, maybe 6 … Continue reading

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Warm trumpeters

We went up the river on the Illinois side today to see the eagles, and on the way stopped by Riverlands, where there have been record numbers of trumpeter swans this winter. It was a warm day- almost 60- and … Continue reading

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Ishmael watches pool with Dennis, 12/14/2013. Waiting for the St. Louis Chamber Chorus at St. Lukes, 12/22/2013.                     Forest Park, 12/26/2013.  

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On a walk around the frozen lake just now I saw a muskrat eating something in the grass, or maybe the grass itself. He’d emerged from a hole in the ice near the shore, and that’s where he went back … Continue reading

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The cold and the end of classes have meant very quiet roads in the morning, quiet drive through the park. Which is a nice transition from the home front of late, where Ishmael the kitten is wound up and rarin’ … Continue reading

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