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At the arboretum yesterday, we saw a couple of tame turkeys first thing. The man in the office told us they belong to a man on the next farm over. They came by to eat some delectable grass seeds, apparently. … Continue reading

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Thursday walk

On a midday walk in the park n Thursday I saw dragonflies, locusts, Monarchs, belted kingfisher chattering down the river and later sitting atop the martin house, turtles, frogs, lance-leaved sunflowers, fall asters, green heron, blue heron, and a True … Continue reading

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Other fall sightings

Apple pie (everyone loves my crust and asks how I do it. The secret is good old-fashioned lard, the way my grandmother taught me.) And at the arboretum: Mary Isabelle has lost much of the fullness of her summer surrounndings. … Continue reading

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Fall signs

Some amazing, beautiful, powerful-looking  storm clouds passed over us on Friday night and left in their wake cool, fall-like temperatures after our week or two of 90-100. Other signs of fall: The steady beat of acorns falling on the roof … Continue reading

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The cold and the end of classes have meant very quiet roads in the morning, quiet drive through the park. Which is a nice transition from the home front of late, where Ishmael the kitten is wound up and rarin’ … Continue reading

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Arboretum, Dec. 1st

          This is the inside of a persimmon seed. When you split them open lengthwise, the flesh in the seed will show either a spoon, a fork, or a knife. Ozark folklore has it that the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 2013

Dent and I walked in the park on Tuesday night and saw a murder of crows going to roost. and Wednesday to the zoo  On Thanksgiving, Dent and Dennis cleaned the gutters while Liz and I cooked.       … Continue reading

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Came home after work and raked leaves in the dark by the light of the moon coming full, Ishmael watching  this odd human ritual from the window. He is getting big, drives poor Britches crazy.         And last … Continue reading

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November arboretum

Mary Isabelle Persimmons

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On Friday the turtles were sunning in the park. The fall colors have just popped this last week, after the Cardinals lost the series. A neighbor told me it always rains after they lose, and it did this year anyway!

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