This evening I discovered on my camera pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken in the focused excitement of composing another grant since our return from Door County. We did get to the arboretum once in late September, where the glade was dry and the wooly worms were out. Portent of a cold winter? Who knows anymore, the weather is so strange.

IMG_0937[1]IMG_0940[1]I took a walk in the park mid-day today to clear my head. Saw a kingfisher, turtles out enjoying the October sun, fall colors, goldenrod and purple asters. One frog snout sticking up through the duck weed. Other news- a great horned owl has taken up residence very near our house. I hear himIMG_0942[1] muttering morning and evening, and hope that Kitten Britches does not become prey. The stars are very bright and skies clear. There is Orion in the morning now. Dennis has found a lone kitten living in the woodpile at our old place. No Mother cat, no litter. We have been feeding it and soon hope to scoop it up and bring it home where he/she can be safe and warm, and perhaps amuse Britches. The Cardinals have a chance at the World Series if they win their game tomorrow. Washington is gridlocked and the nation is hostage to madmen. But the hoot owl whoos so softly- to sleep, I think.


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