Woodpile kitten

Here is the kitten who’s been living in our woodpile. Looks like we may bring her home today, she is getting used to us. We have never had to go out looking for a cat. The Manitou always brings them to us, and they are always black.

Addendum, 5:45 PM: I’m glad we got these woodpile pictures because she’s at home with us now. No fuss either, like she knew this was where she was supposed to be.

IMG_0967IMG_0971 IMG_0970IMG_0972 IMG_0962And here she is 4 days later- What resilient creatures! 10/17/13- the vet came to see him today. Its a him (I’d thought it was a little female). She theorizes that his MomCat was mving the kittens and got squished by a car. He’s no more than 6 weeks old at the outside, so he was about 4 weeks old when he was left to himself. He’s a happy little critter now, though!

IMG_0150 IMG_0162

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2 Responses to Woodpile kitten

  1. cynthiabryn says:

    She’s adorable! A little Halloween Kitty!

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