It’s done it’s done the grant is done, sent off in its neat little package before the last FedEx pickup, punched the “send” button on the computer too, for better or worse that one’s done. Somehow paper feels more final. I stopped and got a frozen yogurt with decadent salty caramel sauce and the kind of hot fudge that gets hard when it hits the coldness, sat outside and watched the bats come out while the mosquitoes bit my legs but it felt so good to be outside- all the sensible people were indoors in the air condition with the TV screen and some teenage music- I must be getting old, I left a class on Monday when the instructor kept playing some sort of awful music that any computer could compose, it sounded inhuman, no soul, no heft, no depth. On a Monday morning it put me in a bad mood, better to leave, I thought.  This morning at the gym a woman on CNN named Polly Harlow (I had to laugh out loud) was discussing whether unions had lost power- tell me something I don’t already know!

Anyway, it’s celebration tonight. Maybe stay up late watching DVDs or Netflix movies and sleep in in the morning.

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