Morning drama, evening drama, and Bubo (or what I miss when I leave home too early and come home too late)

Having stayed up ’til 10 last night and having let myself sleep until I woke this morning, I left the house as the sun was coming up. As I prepared to leave, gathering my lunch, my clothes for the day etc., I heard Kitten Britches complaining with soft mews from the front windowsill, where she sat focused on something outside- I assumed a squirrel getting breakfast in the maple tree, they love to eat the seed pods. As I went outside and got into the car, though, I saw the source of her concern, a regular 6 AM drama on our front lawn. I had startled a hawk who had just killed a large rabbit for breakfast, she flew off in a whoosh of wings, straight up almost, while Midnight, the neighborhood cat, was poised nearby to take advantage of the situation. My oh my. The rabbit was fresh-killed and warm, I left it for whomever might eat it. I imagine Midnight, as she was watching me from under a car across the street, waiting until I left. Unless the hawk came back-  I wonder.

Later- Dennis went out after I left and found Midnight munching on Ms (confirmed female) BunRab. Dennis looked after Midnight left and did indeed find talon marks just in front of her hindquarters. He surmises a Cooper’s hawk got her, because a red-tailed would’ve been large enough to carry her off. Hot one today- 103 degrees forecast, tomorrow too.

But there’s MORE: 7:30 PM. I was in the kitchen and heard the crows making a huge ruckus outside. I looked out into the back yard, looked and looked, saw the crows grouped in the pin oak, fussing at something, was it the harmless yello dog next door? Surely not- then I saw a GREAT HORNED OWL (!  Bubo virginianus!!!) in the elm!!!! Ran and got my binoculars and camera- too dark to take a picture but I saw him close in my binoculars, ear tufts and all. Wow. What a day. Thank you.

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