Bird bath

Having observed how much the robins enjoy the small bird bath that a friend gave us as a housewarming gift, we went out last night and bought a big, heavy, concrete bird bath and put it in the back yard under the sycamore tree and near some honeysuckle bushes where the birds could perch. I left before sunrise this morning but asked Dennis to call me if anyone started using the new bird bath. He just called to tell me that the whole family of crows that nested in our pin oak in the spring, the youngsters, their parents, and their later-generation siblings, have been taking turns in it, and that the squirrels are also trying to get up in it. The youngest crows are also  fixated on an old tennis ball in the back yard, trying to figure out a way to pick it up. I can’t wait to watch the show!


Later- Odd, when I came home it felt cool at 90 degrees. The birds must think so too because they’re not using the bird bath tonight. They don’t care that the stock market took a dive today. Nor do I, really, that institution has never made much sense to me, it’s always seemed to me to be predicated on the people who DON’T own stock not earning a decent living so the people who DO own stock can. My simplistic understanding.

Here’s a hot dog truck I saw when walking to find lunch today. A beautiful shiny thing it is!

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