I allowed myself to sleep in this morning (until 5:30!) and so the sun was coming up already as I did my “sit” before starting the day. Due to the later hour and the sunrise I heard different sounds through the slightly-opened window (opened just a bit, despite the heat, so I can hear the outside sounds). First the katydids got quiet, then a brief cicada interlude. When the cicadas quieted I heard the chipping of a male cardinal hopping about on the roof looking for something to eat. After he left, a beautiful wren song, while another wren made the little trilling noises that they make when they’re not singing. Then, as the sun rose higher and the heat crept into every crack, everybody quieted again, shuttering up for the long, hot day ahead. At least the days are shorter now.

The ride home after work yesterday was interesting- I would choose the hottest day of the week to ride. 103 degrees it was, and there very few critters, cars, people out and about. A friend went to the hospital earlier in the week with severe dehydration from exercising in the heat. Caution is warranted! Maybe in future we’ll all have underground homes to escape the heat.

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