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Local news

The kites whose nest is in the sycamore one┬ástreet over are raising young now. We see them flying back to the nest with food frequently, many trips in a day. The hummingbirds have been sipping nectar from the cardinal flowers, … Continue reading

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Still blissfully cool for August in St. Louis. As I sat on the back steps this afternoon I saw a hummingbird come drink nectar from the cardinal flower we planted in the spring. I wasn’t quick enough to get his … Continue reading

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Turtles, fish hawk, and sparrow song

On a walk just now I watched an osprey circling and gliding over Jefferson Lake, hunting for a fish; he spied one, folded his wings, and down he went into the water. Came out with a good-size fish, maybe 6 … Continue reading

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Warm trumpeters

We went up the river on the Illinois side today to see the eagles, and on the way stopped by Riverlands, where there have been record numbers of trumpeter swans this winter. It was a warm day- almost 60- and … Continue reading

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We went to Riverlands today, an area where migratory birds stop over, and saw pelicans. There were hundreds of them massed beside a creek near there, and we saw hundreds in the air, drafting up to gain altitude and fly … Continue reading

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As I drove into the parking lot at work this morning a red-tailed hawk was swooping in to land on the light standard just above where I park my car to eat her breakfast, a bird in its talons. I … Continue reading

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Linden smell- raccoon trash- redwing- egret-mulberries-insects Rode my bike to work this morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance of the lindens, in bloom now. Saw a bag of fast-food trash on the ground beside a grate, I picture a raccoon … Continue reading

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Barred owl courtship

The past two mornings between 3 and 4 AM I’ve heard a barred owl calling: “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?” Yesterday morning, shortly after I heard this, I heard an animal scream, likely a rabbit taken … Continue reading

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Moon walk

Full moon this morning through the trees- And a walk in the park this afternoon, saw some of my old friends-

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This morning have been sitting, sipping coffee and watching the birds in the back yard. There are goldfinches, the brilliant males and understated females, and the male white-throated sparrows are particularly beautiful now in their mating plumage. The white on … Continue reading

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