Wren fledging and other drama

IMG_3091What a wonderful July 4 morning it is! The air is cool and sweet-smelling, windows open. I sat pre-dawn and heard the birds begin to stir and chatter. The wren was particularly busy so I went outside to see what was going on. From what I observed it seems there are young wrens in the wren house, one of whom fledged- came out of the house and explored outside and flew a little- this morning. And mom and dad were chattering at the youngster, it seemed a combination of encouragement and “now that you’re out of the house get out of here and fend for yourself”, because one of the older wrens would periodically fly at the youngster in an aggressive manner and sort of peck at its rear end. I think I see stirrings in the house still, another youngster perhaps, not quite ready to fledge, but I see what looks like its head in the little window, poking out. I will keep my eyes open to see what happens while I’m around today. While I was standing watching the wrens there was a buzzing near my ear and I raised my hand to swat away a bee, but it was the hummingbird! Within a foot or two of my head, looking at me. Other news: On Wednesday evening we had a ferocious storm, so much lightning I was fearful of going out to look for Britches, who was out in it- I did but did not find her. She showed up, drenched but unscathed, after the storm.  Our little rain garden was not up to the huge quantity of rain that was dumped in such a short time and much of the water went to our downhill neighbors, whose streets and basements were flooded. A friend of mine went to the fair last night to hear Blondie and Melissa Etheridge. Blondie is 70 years old now! Where does the time go. We stay away from the fair- too many people all crowded together- I would rather sit with the wrens.

Wren outside the house- not sure if this a youngster or mom or dad wren


Wren outside house-fuzzy but discernable

Wren outside house-fuzzy but discernable

Butterfly weed


And just because- Ishmael, from starving in a woodpile all alone to this.

And just because- Ishmael, from starving in a woodpile all alone to this.



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