We went to the arboretum today for the first time since last month- first time in the new year. It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday, today just 35 or so, and tonight will be in the teens. I was wondering how things would look, given all this confusing weather. For the most part it looks like winter. On the south-facing bluff over the river a few Dutchman’s Breeches were coming up, and Celandine poppies. The hemlocks that died in last summer’s heat and drought that were near the entrance have all been removed. I was oddly relieved to find that my old camera takes better pictures than my new smartphone. The smartphone does not pick up landscape as well- grass ends up looking like a mass, while my old camera details each blade.

The pond was low, as before.


Winter bud, beech

Dutchman’s Breeches foliage
IMG_9513Prairie, recently burned

IMG_9510Deciduous holly berries- a mockingbird was guarding these closely.

IMG_0027The pond where we hear the loudest spring peepers was very low.


Winter bud, hickory

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