While sitting on the back steps drinking my coffee on Saturday morning,  I saw a wren going in and out of the wren house we hung from the sycamore, shopping for a place to raise young. His mate did not seem too impressed and kept fussing at him from the nearby mock orange bush. But this morning he was at it again, and she was persuaded, finally, and they have been taking sticks and leaves in all day, building their nest. Also yesterday morning, while I was sitting drinking my coffee, a big boar raccoon came within 3 feet of me, fixing to go up the steps and see if there was any left over cat food. He stank something awful. I was grateful that when I stood up he ran off into the yard and over the fence- that was as close as I wanted to get to that big stinky guy. He must’ve weighed 24 pounds.

Also yesterday I saw 2 rose-breasted grosbeaks.

And today while working out in the yard we saw 4 kinds of warblers

Blackburnian warbler

Black and White warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler

Magnolia warbler

Also saw catbird, hermit thrush, fox sparrow, hummingbirds at the feeder and sitting in the sycamore tree, and the usual suspects: robins, cardinals.




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