Afternoon arboretum

IMG_2641 Mary Isabelle






Red Shouldered Hawk

IMG_2639 Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) I am glad we saw this this year- we totally missed it last year. – from Alice Lounsberry Southern Wild-flowers and trees:: “This white wilding with its center of gold breathes out so freely a greeting to the early spring that it seems not to be especially petted by dame Nature, in spite of iys fragility. Very bravely it shows a bold front to the weather. Neither has it been ruthlessly thrust on the world. Its protection is found in the way the young leaf is wrapped about the tender blossom which does not unfold and allow its stalk to streatch upward until after it has gained some confidence in its strength. And then almost as soon as it has fully blown, it perishes. One must be out with the early birds to catch a glimpse of it as the warm sun blows it open and before its sepals have been blown away by a lively wind. It lives, it would seem, only long enough to perish.”

IMG_2646 Southern Black haw (Viburnum rufidulum)





Pussy’s Toes (Antennaria plantaginifolia)

IMG_2650 Glade

IMG_2652 Liverleaf (Hepatica nobilis)

IMG_2655 Rue Anemone (Anemonella thalictroides)

IMG_2656 Shooting Star (Dodecatheon meadia)




Wake Robin (Trillium sessile)

IMG_2660 Celendine poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum)

IMG_2661 Toothwort Dentaria laciniata)

IMG_2665 Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)



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