Tea day

Awoke this morning to a lovely blanket of snow and more falling. Falling light and lovely, not at all like the harsh ice pellets of last week. Dennis brought up plenty of wood for the stove to last ‘til he returns from Memphis (where it’s raining) and the cats and I have a warm house. As I sat this morning before sunrise the air was punctuated with the wailing song and drumming of some sort of Indian pop music- without looking I knew it must be from the Quick Stop next door, since our other neighbors are fond of ugly, soul-killing rap. Sure enough I looked to see the car belonging to the proprietor parked over there, its door wide open, car empty, proprietor in the shop on his phone. Perhaps he was making a call to the municipal employee who’s been plowing his lot on the sly, probably taking cash under the table, our tax dollars at work. Robert, one of Dennis’ beggars, came shambling by in his loose-limbed way and went into the shop. The proprietor gave him a cigarette and shooed him back out the door. The snow keeps falling- Britches hunts our resident mouse- MomCat sleeps- A good day to drink tea, draw, read.

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