Park on graduation day

On a mid-day walk I saw: 2 little girls all dressed up to watch someone graduate from college; a martin chasing a black-crowned night heron away from the martin house; young goslings with their parents; an American egret and a snowy egret sharing a riffle where the fishing was good- I saw the American catch and eat 3 fish; red-winged blackbirds guarding their nests (last Sunday on a walk I got too close to a nest and one of them actually made contact with my scalp, I had little scratches from his claws, at least he didn’t peck me); catalpas are blooming.

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Bunny love

Well shoot. It was bound to happen, happens every year with our Britches, who is the last feral alley cat we will adopt and let remain an outdoors cat (if we have anything to say about it. Sometimes the Manitou has other ideas). Last evening Britches brought us up a plaything and begged us to come play with her, just like in the old days when we lived in an upstairs apartment and she and MomCat would would bring mice up for us to play with. Poor BunRab.

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Rose-breasted grosbeak

What a delight this afternoon! The sun is out after a solid week of rain. I came home and sat/lay on the deck and watched the birds after working most of the day. Saw all the usual suspects- house finches, goldfinches, robins, doves, blue jays, squirrels. But in the mix were also a hermit thrush, a rose-breasted grosbeak, and an indigo bunting.

A hemlock bush has sprung up, volunteer, in the back yard, and grows rapidly, probably 6-8 inches in the last week. I told Dennis we’d better cut it down before it eats us.

Am looking forward to cycling to work again next week, seeing what’s going on in the park.


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Snowy egret

IMG_5185_cropOn my bicycle ride in to work this morning I saw a snowy egret, linden trees not yet flowering, dandelion seed heads, purple clover, lady in red shirt with knock knees and out-splayed lower legs running on the bike path, couple walking little white dog, pair of doves, horses in paddock.

IMG_5173 IMG_5174

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Good Friday in the Park

Frogs, turtles, egrets, purple martins



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Bike to work

Sunrise over Forest Park Parkway


And across the park, behind the Chase park Plaza.


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Easter/Passover Full moon, April 11, 2017


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