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It’s been a beautiful Easter weekend. If you don’t count the fact that Ishmael ate the corner off a new rug, and Britches found a nest of baby rabbits and was playing with one yesterday when we saw her, put … Continue reading

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Slow burn at the arboretum

At the arboretum today, we saw the results of a very recent controlled burn. Many of the prairies were blackened, and also most of the woods, and even the wildflower walk with the southern exposure, where we saw the beginnings … Continue reading

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Arboretum, Dec. 1st

          This is the inside of a persimmon seed. When you split them open lengthwise, the flesh in the seed will show either a spoon, a fork, or a knife. Ozark folklore has it that the … Continue reading

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Came home after work and raked leaves in the dark by the light of the moon coming full, Ishmael watching ¬†this odd human ritual¬†from the window. He is getting big, drives poor Britches crazy.         And last … Continue reading

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November arboretum

Mary Isabelle Persimmons

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This evening I discovered on my camera pictures I’d forgotten I’d taken in the focused excitement of composing another grant since our return from Door County. We did get to the arboretum once in late September, where the glade was … Continue reading

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August, belated

From August 14, a walk in the park with Chunzi     And from the arboretum last week (August 18) Mary Isabelle’s companions are becoming more sparse with the end of summer, but her hazelnut tree is bearing fruit.   … Continue reading

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July at the arboretum

We were long overdue for a walk at the arboretum so we went this morning. The prairies were so lush and colorful it was hard to believe that just a few months ago they were all burned and black. Here’s … Continue reading

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Arboretum Father’s Day

We walked at the arboretum this morning, a good day to go, it was rainy and few people out. The woods are mostly overgrown now and the prairies and glades have taken over the show. Here is a sampling.

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Cinco de Mayo rainy day walk

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