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Christmas moon and a RED FOX!

The moon is full this Christmas day. We went to Forest Park for a walk just after dawn and saw a RED FOX crossing the park road, heading back into the woods for the day. I whispered loudly to Dennis … Continue reading

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015 Yesterday we drove over to Desert Island, Northeast Harbor to take a guided boat tour. Did some laundry while we waited. On Cranberry Island there was a church with stained glass windows made of sea glass. … Continue reading

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Rainy morning


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Summer in Forest Park

It has stopped raining for a couple of days and feels like summer again, in the 90s. During a walk in Forest Park this morning we saw lots of honey bees, both wild and domestic, and bumble bees, which made … Continue reading

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Today was my day to get outside and walk around before spending the next few days inside a hotel at a conference. My plan was to walk the San Antonio River to all 4 Missions. It didn’t look all that … Continue reading

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Full moon and turtles

Full moon, the night before the official full moon day: Last night Dennis brought home 2 three-toed box turtles, one female and one male, that someone where he works had taken off the side of the road in the country. … Continue reading

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Saw a big old soft shell turtle (family Trionychidae, order Testudines, while on a walk today (and the snout of a painted turtle in the water in front of him), and mom goose is setting up housekeeping on the … Continue reading

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Forest Park, sunset

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Afternoon arboretum

 Mary Isabelle         Red Shouldered Hawk  Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) I am glad we saw this this year- we totally missed it last year. – from Alice Lounsberry Southern Wild-flowers and trees:: “This white wilding with its center … Continue reading

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Forest Park, Sunday Morning

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