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Bee update

When I check on the bees morning and evening I usually see the worker bees flying now. Have not seen the queen in a couple of days. Hopefully she is doing whatever we interrupted when we moved those bricks- producing … Continue reading

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Bumble queen

This morning I went swimming at our community pool and met a woman named Ethel. 89 years old, has asthma and arthritis, and swims for an hour and 45 minutes every day of the world. It was cool this morning- … Continue reading

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First turtle crossing

Funny that I should’ve mentioned turtles just 2 days ago. This morning I am later than usual to work because I spent about half an hour with a painted turtle in the park. I spotted her balanced on the ledge … Continue reading

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I’ve seen no turtles crossing the road in the park yet this spring. Early June is when they normally haul out of the water to go lay their eggs. Here’s hoping the smashed turtle count remains zero. It rained in … Continue reading

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Barred owl courtship

The past two mornings between 3 and 4 AM I’ve heard a barred owl calling: “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?” Yesterday morning, shortly after I heard this, I heard an animal scream, likely a rabbit taken … Continue reading

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Moon walk

Full moon this morning through the trees- And a walk in the park this afternoon, saw some of my old friends-

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This morning have been sitting, sipping coffee and watching the birds in the back yard. There are goldfinches, the brilliant males and understated females, and the male white-throated sparrows are particularly beautiful now in their mating plumage. The white on … Continue reading

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Blood and guts

On Sunday I alternately dozed, sun-drunk, and watched the birds in the yard after raking leaves. Once when I wakened from dozing I saw the reason why we occasionally find blood on the deck. The Coopers hawk dove through the … Continue reading

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Today was our friend Hely’s 70th birthday so we went out looking for birds. We saw kestrels, Cooper’s hawks, Harriers, PELICANS (first this year!), great blue herons, American egrets, PURPLE MARTINS back in their houses, swifts, bank swallows and tree … Continue reading

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Pair of Cooper’s Hawks in yard

I came home before dark yesterday and saw this pair of Cooper’s hawks in the yard. They are likely the perpetrators of the mid-air murder I saw last week sometime.

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