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Jack Frost

It was 13 degrees when I woke this morning and Jack Frost was on the windowpanes. I loved those mornings when I was a girl, waking up snug under the covers  and looking at the patterns in the frost on … Continue reading

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Cat-mouse love

On Saturday a miracle: Britches tolerated Ishmael’s presence in the same room, on the same bed. He loves her, became especially infatuated the night she brought in an almost-dead mouse, put it on her plate, and ate it in front … Continue reading

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We went to Riverlands today, an area where migratory birds stop over, and saw pelicans. There were hundreds of them massed beside a creek near there, and we saw hundreds in the air, drafting up to gain altitude and fly … Continue reading

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Woodpile kitten

Here is the kitten who’s been living in our woodpile. Looks like we may bring her home today, she is getting used to us. We have never had to go out looking for a cat. The Manitou always brings them … Continue reading

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Go Cards!

As I write this the Cardinals are winning against the Pirates, yay! We went for a walk in the park this morning, it’s very hot and humid. Here is what we saw- Rust on a cup plant Post-flower cup plant … Continue reading

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As I drove into the parking lot at work this morning a red-tailed hawk was swooping in to land on the light standard just above where I park my car to eat her breakfast, a bird in its talons. I … Continue reading

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August, belated

From August 14, a walk in the park with Chunzi     And from the arboretum last week (August 18) Mary Isabelle’s companions are becoming more sparse with the end of summer, but her hazelnut tree is bearing fruit.   … Continue reading

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Katydid (family Tettigoniidae, sub-family Pseudophyllinae, aka true katydid,  bush-cricket, long-horned grasshopper), occurs mainly in the crowns of trees and cannot fly, other than to flutter when falling ( We noticed him on our car when we stopped at a stoplight … Continue reading

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This morning there was a snapping turtle at the side of the road in the park, facing across. I thought perhaps it’s a female going to lay eggs, this is the time for that. It’s been a couple of years … Continue reading

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Linden smell- raccoon trash- redwing- egret-mulberries-insects Rode my bike to work this morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance of the lindens, in bloom now. Saw a bag of fast-food trash on the ground beside a grate, I picture a raccoon … Continue reading

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