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The Cardinals won last night against the Brewers, and it was a fun game to watch. They won today, too. We went to walk in the park this morning. The cup plants (Silphiom perfoliatum) by the river are all very … Continue reading

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Moon and Shakespeare and Glorious June

I missed the full moon on Friday (the 13th, no less, with Mercury in retrograde someone told me, and other things astrological) so here it is, 2 days late, this morning, behind the sycamore tree. The weather has been glorious … Continue reading

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Go Cards!

As I write this the Cardinals are winning against the Pirates, yay! We went for a walk in the park this morning, it’s very hot and humid. Here is what we saw- Rust on a cup plant Post-flower cup plant … Continue reading

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August, belated

From August 14, a walk in the park with Chunzi     And from the arboretum last week (August 18) Mary Isabelle’s companions are becoming more sparse with the end of summer, but her hazelnut tree is bearing fruit.   … Continue reading

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Katydid (family Tettigoniidae, sub-family Pseudophyllinae, aka true katydid,  bush-cricket, long-horned grasshopper), occurs mainly in the crowns of trees and cannot fly, other than to flutter when falling ( We noticed him on our car when we stopped at a stoplight … Continue reading


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Linden smell- raccoon trash- redwing- egret-mulberries-insects Rode my bike to work this morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance of the lindens, in bloom now. Saw a bag of fast-food trash on the ground beside a grate, I picture a raccoon … Continue reading

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Bee update

When I check on the bees morning and evening I usually see the worker bees flying now. Have not seen the queen in a couple of days. Hopefully she is doing whatever we interrupted when we moved those bricks- producing … Continue reading

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Bumble queen

This morning I went swimming at our community pool and met a woman named Ethel. 89 years old, has asthma and arthritis, and swims for an hour and 45 minutes every day of the world. It was cool this morning- … Continue reading

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We went to the arboretum today. We saw what we know as box elder bugs, because that’s the only place we’ve ever seen them, in various stages of molt on a milkweed plant. This beautiful red seed arrangement on a … Continue reading

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Birds and bees

I sat outside this afternoon to do some reading and noticed the honeybees coming to the bird bath for water. I never realized before yesterday that they did that, and now every time I look, there’s a honeybee at the … Continue reading

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