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Ishmael watches pool with Dennis, 12/14/2013. Waiting for the St. Louis Chamber Chorus at St. Lukes, 12/22/2013.                     Forest Park, 12/26/2013.  

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The cold and the end of classes have meant very quiet roads in the morning, quiet drive through the park. Which is a nice transition from the home front of late, where Ishmael the kitten is wound up and rarin’ … Continue reading

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Jack Frost

It was 13 degrees when I woke this morning and Jack Frost was on the windowpanes. I loved those mornings when I was a girl, waking up snug under the covers ¬†and looking at the patterns in the frost on … Continue reading

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Cat-mouse love

On Saturday a miracle: Britches tolerated Ishmael’s presence in the same room, on the same bed. He loves her, became especially infatuated the night she brought in an almost-dead mouse, put it on her plate, and ate it in front … Continue reading

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Woodpile kitten

Here is the kitten who’s been living in our woodpile. Looks like we may bring her home today, she is getting used to us. We have never had to go out looking for a cat. The Manitou always brings them … Continue reading

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Liberate don’t intubate!

As I walked back to the office from a meeting with a colleague I saw, at the busy intersection of Forest Parkway and Euclid, some protesters yelling into bullhorns. One of them was dressed as a cat. They were protesting … Continue reading

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Well. We may have a housemate for Britches. A stray black cat with long hair who looks very much like Pushrod, whom I found as small kitten in a snowbank about 15 years ago, gone now, approached us this morning … Continue reading

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There have been big flocks of blackbirds moving through the park, mostly grackles but redwings among them. Here are some I saw this morning: And Britches at home on Thursday morning. She looks alot like her mother these days.

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A new cat has decided to stay with my brother, who lost a good cat last year to a transformer at an electric substation. Pirate is the new cat’s name, and he’s decided that Dent will be his Big Foot- … Continue reading

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Porch Pumpkin and Teresa

I stayed home to drink coffee and eat breakfast this morning and so was privy to what happens to the pumpkin on the porch. Britches, too, enjoys the show. And a quote from St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle that … Continue reading

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