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Blood and guts

On Sunday I alternately dozed, sun-drunk, and watched the birds in the yard after raking leaves. Once when I wakened from dozing I saw the reason why we occasionally find blood on the deck. The Coopers hawk dove through the … Continue reading

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Today was our friend Hely’s 70th birthday so we went out looking for birds. We saw kestrels, Cooper’s hawks, Harriers, PELICANS (first this year!), great blue herons, American egrets, PURPLE MARTINS back in their houses, swifts, bank swallows and tree … Continue reading


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Pair of Cooper’s Hawks in yard

I came home before dark yesterday and saw this pair of Cooper’s hawks in the yard. They are likely the perpetrators of the mid-air murder I saw last week sometime.

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Rainy walk and belated merlin

On this rainy, gloomy Sunday I insisted we go to the arboretum to see what might be coming up out of the ground. And we did go, ate breakfast on the way out in hopes the rain would abate some. … Continue reading

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This morning outside my workplace I saw a cluster of crow feathers on the ground, the big wing feathers, along with dozens of little inside downy feathers. I think an owl must have made a dinner of crow last night. … Continue reading

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There have been big flocks of blackbirds moving through the park, mostly grackles but redwings among them. Here are some I saw this morning: And Britches at home on Thursday morning. She looks alot like her mother these days.

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First RedWing, EARLY!

This morning I saw the male redwings waiting in the trees around the Muny for the females. Last year I didn’t see the first one until February 23rd. Fly fishermen have been fogging the lake since the 1st, when it … Continue reading

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Tell Me A Story

I’ve been reading in a book of poetry by Robert Penn Warren which I inherited from my mother. In it is a series of poems inspired by the life of James Audubon who, I learned in the intro, was born … Continue reading

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Timber Doodle

At dusk this evening we walked in the park. The red wing blackbirds had quieted down. We saw 2 young raccoons up high in a gingko tree, eating those fruits. And a timber doodle, aka woodcock, flew across the path … Continue reading

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Blackbirds spend the night

On the way home last night I was so tired I was dizzy. But as I passed one of the ponds in the park I heard the sound of hundreds of red-winged blackbirds- it seems they had stopped for the … Continue reading

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