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Biked to work today- saw Drill sargeant- mulberries- quail- bullfrog- forest green- water          Sunrise over Forest Parkway

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Morning’s ride

I saw: Squirrel beer, dead mink, goldfinch, pimple-back, pine. And single men by them selves in beat up cars. A squirrel sucking the gumption out of a beer bottle lying beside the road. A dead mink beside the path. There … Continue reading

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Linden smell- raccoon trash- redwing- egret-mulberries-insects Rode my bike to work this morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance of the lindens, in bloom now. Saw a bag of fast-food trash on the ground beside a grate, I picture a raccoon … Continue reading

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First ride

I rode my bicycle to work today for the first time this year. I liked the smells I don’t smell when I’m driving- fresh-cut grass, mulch, horse manure at the barn, on the way home, burgers being grilled in someone’s … Continue reading

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Seldom scene

I saw a kingfisher sitting utterly still this morning on my ride in, still and quiet on a willow branch overlooking the lake. Saw the sun rise behind the Chase from the top of Art Hill. Later, 10 AM. When … Continue reading

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Rode my bike to work today. Heard goldfinches, kingfisher, flicker. Saw an American egret. And, of course, the sun rise.

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This morning Dennis left with me before the sun was up for a bicycle ride through the park. We saw lots of folks out on their bikes with their lights on. We stopped on Art Hill , where we saw … Continue reading

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Sunrise on Saturday

Dennis and I went for a short bicycle ride this morning to a park not far from here, on land which once was the home of some elite folks who could afford to move to what was then the country, … Continue reading

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MUP ride, 2012 (Michigan Upper Peninsula)

Friday, 7/14, St. Ignace (day before check-in) Statue of Father Jacques Marquette, who established a mission in St. Ignace in 1671. The woman speaking is a tour guide who, along with her husband, told stories of the voyageurs, hardy souls … Continue reading

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Never herd a killdeer

I rode to work this morning. There’s a hot wind from the south. The turtle patrol is pleased to report no living or smashed turtles in the road. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I saw a … Continue reading

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