1993 Flashback

These were taken in 1993 when we had a tree care business and lived above the office. We had a family of alley cats back then. We fed them every morning at 5 and every evening at 6. They would eat with the possums. Eventually MomCat moved into the apartment with us and the rest followed. Kitten Britches is the last remaining member of that family. She is now 18 and still spry and lively. Our neighbor who lives across the alley misses Kitten Britches and the others because they kept the rabbit population in check. MomCat and Kitten Britches were a great team, and viewed us as part of the pack. To show their affection they would bring live mice into the house in the middle of the night and drop them on the bed so we could play with them. (Dennis became very adept at catch and release in thoes years).

MomCat in front, Sis Cat in back. Sitting on the crane truck in the yard.
And here is MomCat on top, high on catnip. She was the only one who really got into catnip. TomTugger and Tom Notch below with Dennis.

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