Full moon, pandemic hair

Time passes surprisingly quickly in this time of pandemic. Without the daily to-and-fro of the gym, work, meetings, with being mostly inside the boundaries of home and immediate neighborhood, I function in a sort of suspended reality, and have missed the full moons in recent months. An occasional bicycle ride or trip to the store is exciting these days. The daily monitoring of garden, birds, insects is a joy. A good counterpoint to the crazed and often frightening news of late; the unleashing of all sorts of evil for all to see. I only hope, and my husband assures me, that it is all part of a transition to a new era, the rising of the feminine principle in the collective, in Jungian terms, and the current awful state we are in a manifestation of resistance to it.

At any rate, here a few photos to document our small recent history.

Full moon, September 2, 2020
We grew tomatoes in pots on the porch this summer, the only place that gets enough sun. We surrounded them with chicken wire to prevent the squirrels from eating them. A young reddish squirrel would visit every day, and when he could reach a tooth through the chicken wire would scrape off as much tomato as he could reach, evident by his tooth marks. I think he had wet dreams every night about the tomatoes.
Ms. Bumblebee at work on the physotegia, August 2. This type bumblebee I haven’t seen much of, with her furry yellow and black abdomen. Most I see are more black than yellow.
The cardinal flower that is jealously guarded by the alpha hummingbird who hangs around to chase away all the other hummers. Occasinally they come in bunches and some of them get to sip nectar while he chases the others.
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