Liz and Chuck Get Married

This weekend I went to Frankfort, Kentucky because my sister got married! Liz and Chuck had their ceremony at their friend’s house on the Elkhorn Creek. The attendees were all members of Church of Elkhorn, a gathering of friends by the Elkhorn that started some years ago- gathering to kayak, float, talk, drink, be in nature. So it is an informal “church,” but Steve, one of their number, got ordained so he could marry Liz and Chuck. It was a cold day but the ceremony was outside and whisky was the drink of choice for most, Frankfort being the hub of the now-popular Kentucky Bourbon craze. Last night was a party at Liz and Chuck’s house- I’d guess 50 or so people showed up, among them musicians who played into the night.



Richard Taylor, owner of the local bookstore, read some poetry.



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