Barred owl

Yesterday a barred owl got tangled in the line we put in the sycamore tree to hold the wren house. Our neighbor called Dennis when she saw the owl and Dennis came home to free him. He very carefully lowered the line and the wren house with it until the house and the owl both rested on the ground in the rain garden. We know that the wrens are feeding a second clutch already because we see them taking in food and hear the peepings of the hungry young so he was very careful, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Wren watching from a nearby shrub. He had on welding gloves in case the owl tried to bite or scratch him. He just sat on the ground with the owl for a few minutes, then untangled the line from around his leg. The owl flew off, the wren house went back up, and the parents were feeding the babies again within minutes. I suspect the owl was working in the early morning, saw a wren sitting on top of the house and came swooping down claws first to catch a bedtime snack but instead got all tangled up. We heard the barred owls chuckling this morning so all is well there. The pictures below Dennis took during the process. The young wren that is halfway out of the house was dead, a result of having been shaken out when the owl moved around, but we know that there are more young in the house because of the parent activity and the peeping. I found some soft owl feathers in the garden this morning.



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