Christmas Eagle, Forest Park

We went to the park this morning to see what we could see and saw an eagle. I have heard from 2 friends of recent eagle sightings in the park, a pair of them, but today we saw just one:


We also saw what I think was a mink running across the snow to the water, but the woman who got his picture thinks he was an otter. It would be wonderful to have an otter in the park! And he was carrying a large pout, a type of catfish. We also met a man and his dogs, the dogs have been responsible for chasing the geese off the golf course for the past 16 years. Before that, they used to catch the geese in huge nets and kill them, but the public outcry was so vociferous that they relented and started using the dogs.

The river is freezing, now that our 60 and 70-degree days have passed on at least for awhile.



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