Sunrise dew

Sunrise in Forest Park, Saturday.



Finally a walk at the arboretum this morning. Haven’t come to this site much lately- life just gets busy and frankly there’s not a lot I want to remember from this awful political era. We went to see a comedian last night, Dylan Moran, and even he seemed constrained by the political climate and divisions in these our United States- he is from Ireland. So. A walk in the woods was a welcome diversion this morning. The sun and the dew, and lots of spiders and webs. Critters have eaten all the paw-paw fruits. Persimmons haven’t ripened yet. The crickets are in the doorway when I come home in the evening, waiting to come inside for winter. I like their sound in the morning. And we have heard 2 pairs of owls in the neighborhood, in courtship mode, duetting.

Argiope web


Morning Dew


Beech nuts


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