After a long day of travel on Friday (the Toronto Airport was devoid of signs or help for navigating from the small plane that brought us from St. Louis, through Customs, then back to a terminal and once again through security for a flight from Toronto to Deer Lake, Newfoundland, where we stayed in a very hospitable hotel), we traveled today to Norris Point, Newfoundland. On the way we saw:



IMG_4417 IMG_4418

Trout River

IMG_4421 IMG_4422

Bonne Bay


Norris Point

IMG_4425 IMG_4426



Evening sun on granite in shale bed

Old ship tie-in


Sunday, August 28

Morning walk up Burnt Hill



IMG_4441 IMG_4447Boat tour of Bonne Bay

Tour guide told us this is called “shag cliff” by locals. The plates in this rock (shale I think) used to be horizontal but tectonic shifts pushed it up like this on an angle. Each inch of rock represent 100 years of geological time. The white streaks in the rock are calcite.

IMG_4453 IMG_4456

Tide pools off Lobster Cove Head lighthouse

IMG_4465 IMG_4466

Periwinkles and anemone



Monday, August 29th, 2016

This morning Dennis and I walked down to the wharf to move around and get some fresh air before eating breakfast. A man in an SUV pulled up near us on the wharf and we got to talking, he is a Newfoundlander who takes folks on private tours of Gros Morne and the surrounding area, and seemed only too happy to find two souls to talk to on a cloudy Monday morning. He went home and got a jar of moose meat and brought it to our cabin, then he and his “missus” took us with them on an excursion to Corner Brook, the big town around here. Was a good day for it, grey and rainy. Lloyd loves to talk, loves to share about all things Newfoundland.

But on the way to Corner Brook, Dennis called our friend who is staying with the cats and watching the house while we’re gone, to check on a notice we got that the house alarm went off last night. It had, but it was only that Bob had forgotten the code. The real news was that Ishmael, our beloved cat who we found all alone in the woodpile a few years back, died. Bob found him dead this morning, asleep under the chair in the dining room where he often stays when it’s hot. I will miss that little fellow terribly. He was so sweet, loved to cuddle with me at night and in the morning, nuzzling my cheek, putting one soft paw on each side of my neck. Loved me to play with him around the house, making up games, throwing things for him to chase. I loved that little cat.

So, while Lloyd is talking, Dennis and I are simultaneously processing this information and trying to listen to Lloyd. It was difficult for awhile but finally I just gave in and went with the moment. Lloyd took us to Big Falls on the Humber River, where salmon swim upstream in June.

IMG_4477 IMG_4480And a cabin his friend Max is selling, where you can fish for salmon off the back porch in the spring.

Lloyd and Joyce


Norris Point graveyard


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Strong winds in the night, sounded like the cottage would break apart but we were warm under 2 comforters.

Morning rainbow


Bog with Long Range mountains in background


Went North today and visited

the Arches

IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4501  Driftwood



and the wreck of the ship SS Ethie

Loved being out in the wind and rain!

IMG_4514 IMG_4518 IMG_4520

View from top of Burnt Hill

IMG_4525 IMG_4526

Dennis, Lloyd and Joyce in the kitchen. Lloyd and Joyce just stopped by for a chat.

IMG_4527 IMG_4528

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Long Range mountains at Western Brook Pond

IMG_4530 IMG_4533 IMG_4535 IMG_4551

Bog at Western Brook

IMG_4536 IMG_4565

Pitcher plant in bog, eats insects to feed itself


Sandy Cove

IMG_4580 IMG_4581

Granite below, sea bottom above, at Sandy Cove

IMG_4586 IMG_4587

Broom Point, fisherman’s village, granite boulder and sea bottom juxtaposed. One of the fascinating things about this place is this geological history all over the place.

IMG_4589 IMG_4590

Norris Point wharf, unloading salt for use on roads in winter. They worked through the night and into the middle of next day.

IMG_4591 IMG_4592 IMG_4598

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Coastal walk

IMG_4606 IMG_4607 IMG_4611

Big excitement for the day: Saw a moose behind a house on main street, the kids call him Gerard, he’s become a nuisance, eating the turnips, potatoes, cabbages out of peoples’ gardens, and once hurt a man. The authorities know about him and have said they’ll come out and kill him . Resident’s can’t do it themselves because they’ll go to jail. He weighs about 800 pounds.



Friday, Sept 2

Dinner at Lloyd’s (jit dinner, boiled cabbage, potatoes, turnips, salt beef, roast sea duck), Dennis and Lloyd examine boat for fishing in the morning.

IMG_4619 IMG_4621

Sat sept 3

View of Norris Point from Jenninek house as we left town


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