Eerie quiet

Last night, driving home in the evening after a meeting, there were few cars on the roads and even fewer in the parking lots of the usually busy shopping centers I was driving by. Perhaps it has to do with this being the first weekend after July 4th, and everyone is on vacation. Or, and this was my first thought, is everyone scared, or depressed, and just staying in? Events of the last week in the U.S. have been very dark, so much darkness coming out of the shadows all over the world. So in order to avoid being pulled down into a dark place I went out into nature, the park, where yesterday we saw a green heron, little blue heron, bumblebees, the chattering bank swallows, and a great blue heron. Fish were plenty. We spoke to two women who were fishing, catching little pout, they look like small catfish, and putting them in a bucket to take home and cook.

IMG_4226 IMG_4229

IMG_4241 IMG_4247 IMG_4249 IMG_4257 IMG_4267

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