Snow day

IMG_3969We awoke this morning to just a skiff of snow which has now become about 4-5 inches of wet heavy snow and strong winds. Early, about 4:30, I saw a huge bright green flash that lit the sky and thought well, either the aliens have arrived or someone’s transformer has blown. The latter, I think. Schools are closed all over, even the ones that don’t usually close, and I have opted to work from home this morning rather than drive to work, being shy of driving on ice, having been rear-ended 3 times in one year a couple years back. A possum waddled across the yard early this morning in search of food scraps on the compost. Dennis hung the bird house yesterday, now covered in snow, a nice christening. Donald Trump won yet another primary yesterday- we live in interesting times indeed. OH! And just now I hear a wren singing!


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