Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yesterday we drove over to Desert Island, Northeast Harbor to take a guided boat tour. Did some laundry while we waited. On Cranberry Island there was a church with stained glass windows made of sea glass. And a put-put golf course in the front yard of a weathered old house with a weathered old man sitting on the front porch. We passed a few minutes together- he conceived and built the whimsical course himself. And he said he’d had two dogs who traveled very far whom he’d written a book about- Dog Gone. He had childlike eyes. People were friendly, though the winters here are treacherous, I hear. IMG_3337 IMG_3339

Harbor and grey seals

Harbor and grey seals

Stained sea glass in church, Cranberry Island, ME Church, Cranberry Island, ME Put-put golf course, Cranberry Island, ME IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3352

IMG_3353 Lobser traps, Cranberry Island, ME

This morning/afternoon we rode our bicycles for about 20 miles along quiet roads. The weather and views were beautiful. IMG_3384 IMG_3376           IMG_3381 IMG_3369IMG_3368 On Cross Rd, Surry, ME Cross Rd, Surry, ME On Thursday we made dinner for our host and wound up being friends. There are many interesting stories about him and his mentor Walter Nowick and the international music cooperative they, and now he, hope to create, and the Buddhist retreat Walter created in the 80s.

Alan and Liz

Alan and Liz


Last morning here

Last morning here

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