To Maine

This morning my sister and I awake to light rain outside our Holiday Inn hotel room window in Victor, NY just south and east of Rochester. We drove here yesterday from Frankfort, KY, on our way to Portland, ME, where she will meet up with some old college friends for a few days while I hang out and enjoy the ocean and the smells and sounds of a coastal city. From there to Surry, near the Acadia forest, where we’ll spend the rest of the week, hiking, kayaking, biking. I am reaching an age where I find road travel tedious, why waste time with all that danger and all those unknowns? On the NY thruway there was a terrible accident, one car looked as if it had been vaporized, and traffic was blocked for more then an hour. But we rested well last night. And the moon was almost full.
IMG_3250 (1)

Along the way we drove through a couple of old stomping grounds: Cincinnati, Columbus.

Cincinnati, OHColumbus, OH

Vermont and New Hampshire were beautiful drives, and we ate lunch in great diner in Bennington, VT.

IMG_0489NY Vermont

And this morning I woke and walked across the street to see the sunrise from Jenness Beach in Rye, NH.

Jenness Beach, Rye NY



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