IMG_0443On the train home from Chicago, where I spent a couple of days at a seminar with some fellow geeks. Held right in the Loop, it was, where I got to observe the high-tension traders strutting about always always talking with someone through their earbuds and bluetooths.  Last night I walked around town and happened upon the 30th annual gospel festival in Millennium Park. Then, walking back toward the Loop on Adams, where the homeless were beginning to reclaim the streets from the busy-ness of the daytime Lords of Finance, I saw two school buses disgorge several dozen white children- not children, strictly speaking, probably high school seniors- the girls decked out in 6-inch heels and dresses that were barely there, feeling the power of their feminine wiles and some already drunk, the boys in dark suits befitting the US Bank Building where they all queued up, waiting for someone to open the big brass doors and let them in to some sort of end-of-school-year debacle. I had to physically move a few of them aside in order to get through the crowd- hands carefully placed on shoulders, “excuse me”, nudge them over, squeeze by- but they did not even notice, so energized they were by the headiness of their attire, the drink they’d already taken, the outing.

A perfect day for a train ride.
IMG_0448 IMG_0447

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