Alternate route

Some days I am just glad to get home in one piece. Yesterday I did a meditation before leaving the office and felt calm and quiet as I left work. But then, before I’d even left the parking lot, a woman in the car behind me laid on her horn and threw her arms in the air and cussed at me because I didn’t exit the lot fast enough to suit her (I was waiting for 2 bicyclists to cross in front of me before I pulled out). And because the weather is so nice now people are feeling frisky and their driving reflects that fact- weaving in and out of traffic with no signals, going too fast, acting like NASCAR drivers- it’s no wonder a pedestrian has been killed in a hit-and-run almost every day this past week, including a man my husband knew. Add to that a friend’s son almost dying of an overdose 2 nights ago and the decomposed body of a man found in the lake I walk around frequently in Forest Park, and it’s easy to feel besieged. Maybe the stars and planets are in some weird alignment. Ah well. The best I can do is take care of what I can, do what’s in front of me, and find an alternate route home!

Next day, addendum: I HOPE it’s something in the air or something about planetary alignment rather than what we have become. It’s not even summer yet and yesterday there were 5 separate shootings. Jeesh.  We still have a great baseball team, I’m hanging on to that! AND we have the best radio station in the whole wide world, KDHX.

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