Home again home again fiddle dee dee

IMG_2500Back home from New York now. We took a walk out at the arboretum this morning which settles me right back down after all the jarring lights and noise of the city. Not alot has changed since a month ago, when it was almost 70 degrees, except the cold in between has left ice behind. May be the last ice we’ll see this spring, if that frigid air is done diving down our way.
The morning of the full moon last Thursday in NY. Couldn’t see the moon because of the storm- the smallest full moon of 2015, I read.

Moon from our back porch this morning, 3 days later

IMG_2512Mary Isabelle


Sunrise at the arboretum
Creek is still frozen, but not for long.  Black Haw bud (Viburnum rufidulum)


Shadbush bud (Amelanchier arborea).  Celandine poppies are about where they were a month ago in development, the dirt smells awfully good.








Last ice?IMG_2525
IMG_2528Dogwood bud







AND today is Ginger’s birthday. Here she is with Dennis and Lisa and her birthday axe:

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