Snowfall, at last

IMG_2456They forecast lots of snow- 9 to 12 inches- but so far we’ve gotten only 3 or 4. I’d been hoping to wake up to LOTS of snow and no question of whether to work from home rather than drive to work. But to work I came, after a bowl of mush with Dennis and a look at the birds out back. Didn’t get out of 2nd gear much on the way to work, the roads are still messy. But here I am for the duration- we’re due for a couple more inches by afternoon, and this heralds a cold week coming up, lows in the single digits and highs in the teens and 20s. Maybe a last blast of winter. What a contrast to the 70 degrees of 2 weeks ago, with bees and turtles! May they stay safe and warm in their hives and the muck.


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