Dawn in Forest Park, New Year’s Eve 2014, 13 degrees

And Jack Frost on the windowpanes!


I rose early as always but dawdled about the house before heading to the gym and then to pick up goodies for a small New Year’s Day gathering tomorrow. Yesterday, thinking no one would be out on a weekday, I drove to Costco in the middle of the day to order new glasses. But the roads were full of people in big impatient cars and Costco was a madhouse. Afterwards I stopped for a late lunch, thinking it wouldn’t be crowded, but couldn’t find a seat, and when I did was surrounded by groups of family and friends visiting loudly for the holidays. And this morning at the store everyone was harried and hurried and verging on rude. I swear I am not a grinch, but I like my own holidays on the quiet side. I am grateful for good friends to share the holidays with, but I will also be grateful to resume post-holiday life. Loved seeing Jack Frost this morning!



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