Heard helicopters all night last night, tracking the protests, looting, and arson following the prosecuting attorney’s announcement that the Grand Jury voted not to indict. Fear and anxiety in the wake of last night’s event’s are palpable, a general unease permeates the city. Stores, restaurants, gyms, the art and history museum closed today, no one knows how this thing will go. And reading the news just makes it worse. So after picking up my brother at the airport this morning (which had to restrict flights last night due to all the gunfire in Ferguson, not far away), we went to the arboretum for some fresh air and a walk. The witchhazel by Mary Isabelle still had some blossoms:IMG_2060



The sun shone through the grove of beech trees:IMG_2071IMG_2073







The glade in the afternoon sun:
IMG_2075 Raccoon prints:IMG_2080Bladder nut
IMG_2085Dent and me





Coopers hawk, flew right in front of us







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