Snapshot in time

The descent of the polar vortex yesterday left a layer of ice on my car, there was much noise and scraping before I could leave this morning. Yesterday was beautiful- a misty rain IMG_2043in the morning, to snow in the afternoon, lots of birds in the back yard, a fire in the fireplace, chili on the stove, and a big cake withIMG_2041 buttercream frosting to celebrate with friends Dennis’ 20-year anniversary and, coincidentally, the continuation of my work after a year of uncertainty and wondering what I might do next. The end of the uncertainty thanks to a generous colleague who, with the chair of our department, helped to secure my future here for a few more years.

In the larger context, the city seems to be holding its breath, waiting for announcement of the grand jury decision on whether to indict for murder a police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in August. The media report that gun sales are up 400 percent around town, including the toney suburbs, crime is up, arrests down. I overhear women in the locker room at the gym talking about getting bullet-proof glass put in the windows of their homes, those who live near the courthouse.

Kitten Britches has resumed a more home-bound existence while snow is on the ground and temperatures cold. Ishmael has mellowed just a bit but is still a pain for her- she has trouble finding a place to cozy up that doesn’t smell of this brother we imposed on her just over a year ago. Even so, they do pile up together occasionally.

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