Possum neighbor

Last night our neighbor knocked on our door at 8:30 to summon us to see an opossum in the Japanese maple in their front yard. He was a young possum, his little hand-like feet wrapped around the maple branch on which he sat. He seemed quite calm, did not “play dead” like they do when threatened. He sort of glowed in the darkness, his white fur still white and not dun-colored like they get sometimes. We regarded him, exchanged some pleasantries, and let him be. When we lived at our old place and fed the alley cats outside in the yard, we would sometimes observe the cats eating right alongside a possum who must have lived in the woodpile. And before that, when we lived in a third-floor apartment, a possum used to come up the steps to our back door, where Dennis would feed it scraps. One day our second-floor neighbor threatened the possum and Dennis made it clear that should he ever harm the possum he would come to harm- he left the possum alone thereafter.  Harmless creatures they are, and great garbage disposals- they will eat just about anything you put out.

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