IMG_1904[1]At the arboretum yesterday, we saw a couple of tame turkeys first thing. The man in the office told us they belong to a man on the next farm over. They came by to eat some delectable grass seeds, apparently.

The squirrels have been having a hickory feast: IMG_1906[1]

Mary Isabelle was graced by reddening dogwood leaves and goldenrod. IMG_1913[1]


Prairie IMG_1915[1]

I love the red grasses this time of year- they don’t really show their color until the flowers are done.


Blackgum tree in fall color IMG_1924[1]

Dogwoods have set blossoms for next spring

Sassafras IMG_1929[1]

Lots of persimmons ripening IMG_1930[1]

The glade IMG_1932[1]

Wild onion flowerIMG_1935[1]

Ladies’ tresses IMG_1937[1]

Interesting insect I haven’t seen beforeIMG_1942[1]

And when we got home we found this. Cool weather makes for friendly feline cohabitation. Ishmael even washed Kitten Britches’ head. And here, for comparison, is Ishmael last October 12, when he was a kitten living all by himself in the woodpile:IMG_0971


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