Gashly Crumb Tinies

The great horned owls were in the pin oak overhanging our house this morning, both of them, duetting. I went out on the acorn-strewn back porch to listen and saw one of them in gashlycrumb1the darkness, the male I think, fly to the pin oak to join the female. Then off they flew to explore other environs before the sun rose. Dennis and I had fun exploring pictures in our minds of the owls setting up housekeeping and picking off small children, like in an Edward Gorey book. Like the Gashly Crumb Tinies.

Today I am going to play hooky with a friend. We may go apple-picking, or hiking, or napping in the sun.

IMG_1879Hooky-playing pictures: We went to Riverlands, where we saw hundreds and hundreds of pelicans, most massing up and catching a thermal up to the flyway south.


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