This morning I’ll drive back to St. Louis after a weekend visiting with my sister in Kentucky. She is a thrifty sort and doesn’t much care about the internet so I was unable to post any pictures while there, most from a hike in the Red River Gorge. It has been refreshing to get out of town, visit with her, hike, watch movies. Today in St. Louis, as I drive back, there will be a funeral for Michael Brown, bringing people from all over the nation, even from the White House. He has become a figurehead for systemic racism, it seems, and Ferguson a cautionary tale for its natural endpoint if we ignore it. Who knows- maybe something will change, one can always hope anyway. This is the Bible Belt, and I can listen to the preachers on the radio on the way home, until I’ve had enough.

I’m in Frankfort visiting with my sister and her cats Minnie Pinnie, Grady, and Gumby.  IMG_1623 Friday night we ate dinner in Midway in a torrential rain. More rain and storms Saturday night, too.




This morning we went back to Midway for some wonderful baked goods for breakfast, IMG_1632IMG_1633 and from there to the Red River Gorge where we hiked for abot 4 hours, we figure about 12 miles up and down the mountains and gorges. Liz wore me out- she hiked the Grand Canyon  a couple years back. It is beautiful, and so humid from the rain that mushrooms were popping up everywhere. Fall is in the air .



After the gorge we went to Miguel’ Pizza, a hangout for rock climbers from all over the world who come to the gorge to climb. Miguel’s has a dormitory and campground for rock climbers only. While we ate we watched some sort of basketball competition shaping up, and lots of young well-muscled people walking about.









On Sunday we saw a deer skeleton in a park, with buzzards nearby to clean it up. Liz’s friend theorizes a coyote took down a weak deer, and the buzzards are just cleaning up the remains.IMG_1679[1]IMG_1680[1]IMG_1682[1]

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