August Arboretum

IMG_1571It was an unusually cool and damp Sunday for August, and Dennis and I went to the arboretum. We both needed a break from the constant news din from Ferguson. Even though we live a few miles from there, there is a low-frequency vibration in the air, a tension of not knowing where it will all go. So, we got out into the cool air, it smelled wonderful out at the arboretum, a rich, late summer/early fall smell of ripening fruits, decaying plants, different from the crisp smell of spring but just as sensuous,  everything preparing to go back to the earth for rest and regeneration. The summer has been unusually mild here, with few of the 90 and 100-degree plus days I get used to but never learn to enjoy. Fruits were plenty- the critters will have lots to fatten up with before winter.

                   Green Dragon Fruits


Solomon’s seal


Paw paw fruits- Dennis and his grandfather used to gather a 5-gallon bucket of them in the fall, and his grandmother made pies and puddings, taste like bananas, he says.

IMG_1577Passion flower

Prairie- this was burned to the ground in early spring but you wouldn’t guess it now.
IMG_1580IMG_1579IMG_1583Pond had more water than last time we were here


Bluestem grass blowing in breeze

The creek was muddy from recent rains

IMG_1594Persimmon trees were heavy with fruit

GoldenrodIMG_1595The GladeIMG_1599The DrawIMG_1607IMG_1618

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