Watch those raccoons!

This morning I stopped in the park to move a poor young raccoon out of the road where someone had hit and killed him last night. As I was bending down to pick him up 2 male bicyclists approached and one said “STOP!”, pulled up, got off his bike, and took out his cell phone. When I looked at him quizzically he explained that he wanted to take a picture of the dead raccoon to send to his friend, who was in the hospital with a broken hip because “a raccoon ran into him the other night.” This did not sound right to me somehow, but I let it go for the moment and told the guy to hurry up because I was moving that raccoon, NOW. Then I asked him how a raccoon could run into a bicyclist, he said “It was raining.” Now, being generally willing to take people at their word, it was a few hours later before I realized there’s NO WAY a raccoon could run into a bicyclist going 20 miles an hour and topple him. I tried and tried and tried to wrap my head around the image of a rain-mad, charging raccoon but never could make it work. Did make a nice cartoon, though. 

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