Full Moon, August 10, 2014

The moon was officially full yesterday, but clouds prevented me seeing it. As I came downstairs to make coffee this morning, its light was coming through the window. In my nightshirt, the best I could do was this photo of moon-shine through the trees. It was certainly a full moon yesterday. An officer shot a young man in a neighborhood north of here and the ensuing protest erupted into rioting and looting. Things are calmer today, but I see its made the national news. The birds are much quieter in the mornings now, light comes later, migrations will begin soon. It is a good time to look for spiders, too. Yesterday Dennis and I went to a park where we’ve never gone before and saw this magnificent white oak tree, 271 years old. IMG_1528[1]IMG_1529[1]Also saw this box turtle and jewel weed getting ready to pop.IMG_1533[1]IMG_1535[1]

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